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Machine Learning Engineer

Elnora AI is looking for a machine learning engineer to cancel the next pandemics with career growth opportunities within the company.



The machine learning engineer in Elnora AI gets to develop, improve, and maintain the machine learning machinery in multi-cloud setup, leveraging cloud services and building and deploying custom ones. The role gets to play with the latest LLMs, retrieval augmented generation methods, discriminative models, and extract core insights from the user feedback and sessions.

Elnora AI intends to revolutionize how the next pandemics are fought and how anti-viral drugs are discovered. The machine learning engineer is one of the key players in both providing customers the user experience through prompt engineering and process development, as well as utilizing the gathered data to discover new possible drug targets.


The machine learning engineer works closely with CTO, data, and software engineers.


The position allows to work with various cutting-edge technologies and the path is clear to advance to lead teams and engineering efforts in the near future.


Elnora AI intends to cancel the next pandemics through the use of machine learning powered artificial intelligence and biomedical solutions. We achieve this through:

  1. offering an AI-powered anti-viral drug discovery platform backed by extensive data for the researchers to support them in their decision making;

  2. conducting wet-lab experiments to test the hypotheses which our platform has proposed.

By enabling data-driven and accurate answers and suggestions backed by scientific literature to scientists, we expect to make the drug discovery process significantly faster and cheaper. The latter is further supported by our efforts to suggest semi-automatically new directions and drug targets by analyzing the massive scientific literature and researcher sessions and topics.

We are about to release our minimal viable product within months and we have already met a visible traction from the research community, biomedicine companies, and investors.

While situated in Estonia, we wholeheartedly welcome anyone to join our still small team which consists among others experts in anti-viral drug discovery and shipping machine learning based software products. Our documentation and work is conducted in English.


  • Build and deploy AI solutions and cloud services to multi-cloud setup.

  • Research and document available services, machine learning models, and machine learning methods to solve the problems.

  • Brainstorm with the team to build as good of a product as possible.

  • Maintain one’s code base and derived services.

  • Monitor and improve the deployed AI solutions.

What we expect

  • Motivation, passion, and courage to work as a machine learning engineer.

  • Collaborating with the small team to bring on the market the best products that we can with a domain-driven attitude.

  • A sense of responsibility.

In Elnora you will get to deepen your skills in

  • LLMs (most notably prompt engineering and/or fine-tuning)

  • RAGs (llamaindex, langchain, or their partial custom implementation)

  • Python

  • training machine learning models

  • deploying machine learning models to cloud

  • cloud services in AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure

  • docker

  • Kubernetes in the future

Benefits and perks

  • Gets to contribute to the discovery of drugs and save human and laboratory rat lives through those efforts.

  • Gets to work in a highly motivated multi-disciplinary team.

  • Gets to collaborate with/learn from specialists that have over 10 years of experience in building software and machine learning solutions.

  • Super-flexible work time and place with hybrid work model.

  • Option programs+

  • No technology restrictions (unless wanting to use unmaintainable/undocumented/EOL solutions)

Join us to cancel the next pandemics by doing the things you love.

Get in touch so that we could start the collaboration discussions.

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