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At the crossroads of AI and
antiviral drug discovery

With Elnora AI, the future of antiviral treatments isn't merely promising - it's transformative. 

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We are in desperate need for change. Thousands of viruses have the potential to infect humans, but the number of available antiviral drugs can be counted in the tens.


Eco-Friendly Design

The immense diversity and rapid mutation rate of viruses, highlighted by the recent Covid-19 pandemic, make antiviral drug discovery exceptionally challenging. Majority of existing antivirals target viruses directly. However, the limited size of the viral genome, compared to humans, restricts potential drug targets.  Even when a suitable target is identified, the rapid mutation of viruses can render existing drugs ineffective and reduce the effectiveness of vaccinations.


First-Rate Materials

Traditional drug development is costly and time-consuming, taking a decade and $2.6 billion on average to bring a drug from zero to market, with a 96% failure rate in clinical trials.


We chart a new course for antiviral drug discovery by focusing on host cells rather than directly targeting viruses. This strategy, previously almost impossible due to the expansive nature of human genomic data and concerns over potential side effects, is now within our grasp, thanks to the capabilities of AI. 

AI-powered drug discovery

By integrating our AI-driven platform into antiviral drug discovery, we're not only accelerating the research process by years but also reducing costs by millions. We're optimistic that this strategy will lead to orally available small molecules with a higher probability of clinical success.

Novel scientific approach

Our innovative approach provides potential resistance to viral mutations and broad-spectrum efficacy against various viral strains.


Moreover, it positions us to effectively tackle newly emerging viruses.


We are deeply committed to solutions that actually work. Every potential target and antiviral drug that Elnora identifies goes through wet-lab testing to prove it's scientific usefulness and real-world applicability. We aim to bridge innovative technology with impactful healthcare solutions.

combines data from various sources

We are harnessing the power of Elnora, our AI-enabled end-to-end drug discovery platform, to uphold our commitment to global health. Elnora provides scientists with profound insights into disease mechanisms and spotlights high-potential drug candidates. What sets Elnora apart is its ability to seamlessly integrate data from diverse sources from drug databases and scientific literature to omics data, present it coherently and factually, and propose entirely novel concepts.

Scientific literature

Scientific literature is a powerful information source, but reading and analyzing every paper in the world is impossible for humans. Elnora is designed to efficiently handle this, summarizing relevant scientific information, empowering scientists with the necessary insights.


Elnora makes use of an enormous amount of research data to corroborate the solutions presented in scientific literature, validating existing ideas and uncovering new connections.

Knowledge graph

Elnora enhances the experience by transforming the process of searching through databases for answers into an interactive, user-friendly, layered knowledge graph.

Backbone of Elnora AI

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